The Alta Vista Ranch offers day trips and overnight trips for photographers and nature observers. If you are seeking a day trip to the ranch, your time will include access to the photo blinds and the main compound. The day trip is $100 per person, per day. 

If you are interested in staying at the ranch, your trip will include lodging, access to the photo blinds and the main compound; access to the entire ranch; and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). These all-inclusive trips will cost $250 per person, per day. If given advanced notice, dietary needs can be addressed and accommodated for. 

With both day trips and overnight trips, for those who have not been to the Alta Vista Ranch before, we require that you/your group are accompanied by a guide. *Prices above do not include guide fees. Please visit our About page within the photography tab to learn more about the photographers we currently work with. If you do not have a guide in mind, we can connect you to our guides where prices will be determined.