Our family welcomes nature photographers and observers to the Alta Vista Ranch. We have done our best to create an environment and work space that photographers will feel very comfortable in. With the company of a professional guide, you'll have access to each of our photo blinds and all historic structures on the land.


Ruth Hoyt is one of the professional guides we often work with. She is an accomplished nature photographer having had her work in exhibits in the Smithsonian Institute, Missouri Botanical Garden, Powder Valley Nature Center, Shaw Nature Reserve and St. Louis Artists’ Guild, and on permanent display in various states in the United States.

She has also won various competitions including Nature’s Best (international), Valley Land Fund (Texas) and First Grand Prize with her partner and teammate John Pickles in the Coastal Bend’s wildlife photo contest (based in Texas ranch land). 

In addition to being a guide and professional photographer, she is a workshop/tour leader, writer, ranch consultant, and public speaker. To learn more about Ruth, please visit her website: www.ruthhoyt.com 


There are currently 2 blinds available to guests of the ranch - the "Morning Blind"and the "Evening Blind". Each blind is 24 feet by 6 feet with 6 feet head clearance and can comfortably fit 8 photographers. The permanent below-ground blinds have camouflaged curtains for coverage and chairs for seating. 

Our Raptor Blind is constructed and is being actively fed, but does not yet have a consistent presence at feedings. We are open to photographers sitting in, but as stated, the raptors are not quite used to the blind yet.